Helping protect the integrity of your business.

Protect the integrety of your business with secure comminications phone technology.
We are pleased to announce the availability of the SafeTalk secure encryption phone, an ideal communications technology for preserving the confidentiality of conversations in both home and business environments.

Uninterruptible Security

SafeTalk utilizes Triple DES — a state-of-the-art encryption standard to prevent eavesdripping on private telephone conversations. When a secure conversation is initiated between two SafeTalk telephones, users can choose to key in their own random numbers and the device will generate a different key for each conversation. Once the secure mode has been established, it is impossible for a third party to intercept the content and eavesdroppers will only be able to hear an unrecognizable buzz. Conversations remain secure until one of the parties hangs up the call.

Remarkable Ease-Of-Use

SafeTalk secure phones are "plug and play" and remarkably easy-to-use. They may be plugged into the the "PSTN" telephone lines and RJ-11 interfaces available in most home and business environments.

To initiate a secure telephone coversation just pick up the handset and dial the number of another SafeTalk device. Once the other party answers, just press the "SECURE" button. An audible handshake will occur between the two devices after which the high-contrast LCD screen displays "SECURED" along with a confirmation tone of two beeps. If secure mode cannot be established (such as if the called party does not have the same encryption phone) the LCD displays "IN USE / CLEAR", the secure LED indicator is deactivated, and an error tone of 5 beeps can be heard to warn the user.

If a secure link is not established the unit will continue to operate in the same manner as a normal telephone.